Bullet Journaling

Why Bullet Journaling?  I have fallen in love with the sense of creation through structure (left and right brain get to snuggle a bit), color, endless possibilities, discovering my inner artist, and sharing ideas with community.  

What do I need? any grid journal. pens. your imaginative life. espresso with lots of foam.

The Set Up: Index page:  first page.  this page will grow as you go.  each time you create a page, return to the index, add the title of the page you created and the page number.  Legend: at the bottom of Index.  symbols to track to do lists in a traditional planner.


Ideation: after the index is good to go, the sky is the limit for pages.  Explore ideas on Instagram and Pinterest.  Here are some of my fav creations:

MONTH LOG:  I track habits/routines that interest me to get curious about patterns.  hydration, sleep, vitamin, mood, caffeine, weight, exercise, etc



IDEAL WEEK: I let myself explore what would an ideal week look like.  work, yoga, connecting with friends, date night with husband.  i don't have to stick to it, but this week would leave me feeling fulfilled.







GRATITUDE LIST: one gratitude per day. have fun with the layout.










CAPSULE WARDROBE: track a capsule wardrobe project. I have one for work and for home.





KEEP GOINGI love that Bullet Journaling is a living document that can eb and flow.  I can create, rip out, re-do, embellish, keep adding, and reflect on my life as art.  


Much Love,






Holly M Baier